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This is, of course, awesome. When I was a reader, I actually had to touch scripts that were this bad.

My fave two bits: 1) the action line telling us Carter has dialogue, then Clooney responding in dialogue. 2) "Then the light turns on because she gets up and turns it on."

Thoroughly enjoyable.


Whew. This quickly became one of my all time favorite 3CT posts. The whole idea of it got me giggling...and the execution...oh...yeah. Loved it. More comments to follow...


This is up there with the School House Rock reunion.


Not a single part of this was "all dialysis."

Better than the actual show. And possibly more believable.

Tough to choose a favorite moment, but I think "DO NOT USE REAL ELECTRIC PADS" actually caused me to snort.

More of these -- STAT!


Man oh man oh man, do I want more of these spec scripts. This is FO SHO a recurring feature, am I right or am I right?

Here comes the volts!


This portion, by the way, was in for Tim.


Hey, my name’s Ben.




This defies singling out favorite lines. EVERY line is right on. But here are some more faves anyway:

Benton, in the heat of argument: "He died and that’s what happened. And nobody – I mean NOBODY – knows why."

"She smiles (because she’s going to med school at night)."

"...after about a couple of seconds..."

Plus all the there/their/they're and your/you're misspellings that under any other circumstance you wouldn't be caught dead putting your name onto it. Hey! I got the bug too!


Did one of my students submit this to you?


hey, i'm new here, but this made me cry. i loved the stuff with the black and white stuff in the closet. very good.


Welcome TerminalMFA and hamster. Professor and rodent.


This one still gets me....


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