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"...Maybe at the end of the episode we could have Bixby's character slowly walking down the road hitchhiking to the next town instead of skipping while singing Zippidy-Doo-Da-Zippady-A"

Very nice. Any Vic Tayback reference is to be applauded...


Tim! This has made my morning. My word... open-mouthed fully silent laughs. Especially...

"...Do we really need THREE separate scenes in which Bixby's character urinates in an alley?"
"....maybe it's a good idea if the Hulk DIDN'T perform sign language..."

and, of course,

"...the scene in the 3rd act when Hulk rapes a deer ran a little long. Can we shave a couple minutes off?"



Can I say, this is awesome. The Hulk doing sign language and driving a car, jury duty, fast motion, unpantsed: all great. (And on the subtle side, your use of the phrase "brought healing" in the opener was a winner.)


I just reread this and laughed some more. The urination in the alley got me.

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