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* Subliminal cues can affectively convey your feelings. When the interviewer is listing your job duties, cough/whisper the words "you and what army" after each description.

* Your potential new employer favors a self-motivator. Tell him you got up early this morning and built a miniature mountain in the living room with mud and trash.

* H.R. people can get nervous before an interview too. Offer to give him/her a backrub or, depending on their schedule, a Dirty Sanchez.

* When the interviewer says he would never lowball you, stand up like a shot, cry "well then what's the point?" and slam the door on your way out.

* Employers secretly enjoy pop culture references. Pepper your answers with phrases like "that's hot," "kiss my grits," and "yippee-kai-yay mother *$#@%!"



This is clean! Effecient! A prime post!

Man, the photo captions got me... real good. A-holes and "the other side of town." Wow.

WELL DONE. I shall read and reread in the days to come.



Oh, yes, an English muffin w/ butter -- I'll use that in DC.

MOL Junior

looks like the convention served you well.

p.s. nice picture of hope davis.


Bobby, where's that post?


You callin' me out?! But the shunt's not due out for another week.


Tim, in re-reading this, I'm struck by how Steve Martin it is. It's the straight face against the pitch perfect absurdity. I'm saying Yes to this one all over again.


Three and a half years later... and this gem still holds up. I love it.

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