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He heard someone say
That all dogs go to heaven;
Put it to the test.


Such an 'action man'!
For shame, Mr. Vick:
'rape stand' ain't a verb


If we forgive steve
For ending a line at five...
We can forgive Vick.


Vick's riled pups attacked,
Cause it's dog eat dog out there,
'Til he met the Lord.

Did it but sorry:
Conviction meets conviction;
Which holds up in court?

Trained 'em, faught 'em, lied,
But 'pology accepted,
Long as the Lord's cool.

Thus sayeth the dogs:
We stand at the door and bark --
Let us back in, dude.


Rick Coleman, question:
Were you Major Winchester,
On a show called MASH?


Sobs at night, alone
Rememberin' Ol' Yeller
Oh, well. Kill some more.

Swears off fightin' dogs
"The Lord wants my ways to change."
Drunken cats it is.

"Only fought them dogs
When I got real desperate--
Ran outta Mex'cans."


Cops knew where to look
"House at the end of the street,
Where the red fern grows."


In court, get edgy
Cause Judge says, "Mike, now it's you
Who will take the 'stand.'"

the great spirit of pepe guzman channeled by an unwilling typist

Dog blood on my hands.
Twenty mil back to Falcons.
Wheres the titty bar?


Vulgar. Unwashed. Yet I think p.g.'s great spirit has captured a truth here.


these are great


"Mighty fine meal, Mike.
Tasty meat. What kind is it?"
"That dog's name was Steak."

Nonchalant Savant

"Who let the dogs out?"

Will quite soon be replaced by:

"When will Vick get out?"

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