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Man, long live the king, Hap Gentry! So much to love!

Sang-soo, ding-dong, fing-fong. Fing-fong! Indeed.


Hap scores! The whole subtitle bit is brilliant, as is the "crossover" angle. "I'm so full of my baby..." Great! Also: "the other Ones," "I cannot believe that our airplane crashed! And now I will never be a doctor again," "Let's run out of this scene!" and "Also, the Heros say: Hey, did you know its Christmas? (And now its the Christmas episode." JD's the master of this, cause as dumb as Hap is, somehow... we still want him to sell a script.


Shing shong pow-pow.


Tim beat me to the shing shong pow-pow. But man...brilliant.

It's time to make a Christmas wish: MORE FROM HAP GENTRY!

Mister Ginger



SAYEED "I thought I was the only One (you know the only indian one)."

"if I save the cheerleader, i will save the school."

"I have to get these clothes off if Im going to celebrate Christmas write." -- I'm pretty sure this is an actual line from My Name is Earl.


Simply tremendous (and actually, one of the more intelligible LOST episodes). Very nice work,Hap.

The strength of this piece (and its predecessor) is that you still see Hap's logic, even when he's way out there...

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