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Bless all of their hearts.

My favorite is "first name's James" with the Fleischmann's Margarine. Mainly for his whistley teeth. (2:35)



Bobby beat me to the punch... I, also, was going to single out Jim Walsh -- the Whistle-Talker who ALSO DROPS A SWEAR BOMB!

Maybe *he* came there looking for trouble.



Never have I been so embarrassed for the white race. It's also sad that the first few hundred hits on "Southern Food Brokerage" are all this painful "rap."

10 to 1 they had to change their corporate name after this video was leaked.

Tim Stitzel

While I loved the Whistle Talker, I think I was most drawn to the two or three who were most painfully uncomfortable with the rap aspect of the video.

Glasses McGee at 1:41 seemingly gets through his entire rap while barely moving his mouth. I do believe he was dubbed or someone was throwing their voice off screen. You get the sense that he went back to his motel room and cried really hard into his pillow.

Niles at 1:01 had me with his nervous discourse on Grey Poupon mustard. I bet he got hives really bad that day.


Were they all on Team-o-cil?


ooooooh! I love chun king! the two tier cans were the best.



this is maybe the best thing ever.

I'm guessing the dude at the end is like the boss/CEO or something?

Anyway, I like to imagine that they had to get several takes of him, because he kept improvising his rap, saying,
"i'm bob burman and i'm mighty proud
to confess my lifestyle here and now
even though i'm from the south
i thoroughly enjoy kissing dudes with my mouth."

I know the rhythm doesn't quite work, but in my made-up world, he didn't care.

Oh, and did that one guy say that people go to hell for buying the wrong brand of margarine?

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