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Jiff, I think I'm okay at these most of the time. But this one? This one has me stumped. The fact that there's so little to work with might be a fair indication of the movie itself.


Can we add in the movie poster? Because that inspires all sorts of caption ideas? But I'll try...

"Madea, what are you angry about in this movie?"
"When a woman holds you down in the shower, child...it's something...something...I'm sorry, can I get that line again? Wait, what am I saying...I wrote this!"
"Dey's a cockroach in ma puddin'."


"You see you're Tyler Perry's co-star and this is Tyler Perry's lunch, filmed in Tyler Perry's Madea Goest to Jail, of course based on a character from Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion, which inspired Tyler Perry's House of Pain. I'm going back to Tyler Perry's trailer to smoke one of Tyler Perry's cigarettes and think about Tyler Perry's emotional trauma that has led to Tyler Perry's insistence on branding everything with Tyler Perry's name. By the way I'm Tyler Perry.

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