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I've successfully wittled readership down to just me. And it took Chester A. Arthur to do it.


I actually liked this. Sorry for the late commenting. You have a way of writing that, sometimes, makes me think, "Wait... this might be serious."

Best moments:
-"that president named Chester"
-sleep-inducing Pendleton Act
-three hours reading a year's worth of plastic-bound Entertainment Weeklies


Yeah, I went too dry again. Took a not-so-subtle premise (a president needs terrible times to be considered great) and drowned it in a sea of text-book speak. Try this: read it with Colbert's voice in your head. Seems to help keep me awake when I read it.


So you're saying I have to read a Chester A Arthur spotlight twice in my life?


He'd be thrilled, yes.


Ran across this randomly, from a State of the Union speech by C.A. Arthur. Wanted to present it as exhibit A on the subject: "I had a boring presidency." But mostly, I just want to know, why can't we start talking like THIS again?

"We might else recall with unalloyed content the rare prosperity with which
throughout the year the nation has been blessed. Its harvests have been
plenteous; its varied industries have thriven; the health of its people has
been preserved; it has maintained with foreign governments the undisturbed
relations of amity and peace. For these manifestations of His favor we owe
to Him who holds our destiny in His hands the tribute of our grateful


I remember when this blog had thriven.


I now have more information that no one would believe I took the time to read. Time to write some more...you know...between scripts.


Oh my heavens, I suppressed my laughs so as not to wake the chitlins and tears came outta my eyeballs!! SO FUNNY! I'm glad this little gem-of-a-psst got recommented on or I'd have never seen it so deep in the archives of 3CT!

Author! Author!

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