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I guarantee you, if Hap came to Hollywood, he'd have a job in a month. "...wiz(ard) in my pants." "I don't like how communion tastes." "...I'd just wear my sunglasses."

These are made for re-reading. Viva Hap! Viva JD!


Pizar's done it again.



I can hardly wait on it when Hap starts his writing! This is such a wonderful character; I think we all know him. I stared at the photo for like 2 minutes imagining this guy. Winner!/Salt of the Earth!/Dunderhead!

Jif, posts like this make me wonder why the 3CT gods are so cruel that they make us wait months before something like this comes out. Maybe they're just baking. Sorry gods!


I can't tell you how many of this guy's resumes I saw when I worked at a VFX house. The only thing you're missing? Crappy ink jet printouts of low-res photos of poorly built spaceship model kits...and, of course, drawings of busty warrior women.

Somewhere, in a glorious display of unethical behavior, I have saved some cover letters.

More posting! I miss you guys.


Aw....Jenny. Good to have you back at this dead blog.



Thank you for writing. We're currently waiting for the results of our government stress test before making any final decisions, but I personally think we're going to do quite well, and that bankruptcy will be just the jolt we need to come back stronger, funnier, and more topical than ever under our new blog name, "After3CT." Look for it!



Hanna Montana and Harry Potter is a Kids best series. Harry Potter is a best story by J.K Rollin. Full entertainment blog. Thank you.


Sabeen, you may have just made the most ironic comment of all times.

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