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Worst 3CT post ever?

Just might be.


Oh, Jeff. This was fun.

I'd also like to see songs related to the coroner's report, as well as song lyrics used in Quincy Jones's eulogy.


No, great! Also, these.

WANNA BE STARTIN" SOMETHING: temptation's constant seduction
CAN YOU FEEL IT: the power of the holy spirit in this place
ABC: always be converting
WORKING DAY AND NIGHT: Ephesians 2:8-9
BURN THIS DISCO OUT: no, seriously, burn this disco out


Going with Tim's coroner report idea, then...

WANNA BE STARTIN' SOMETHING would be sung (solemnly) in reference to his doctor's botched CPR attempt

CAN YOU FEEL IT: pulse check


Obviously, I WANT YOU BACK would be a refrain.


This is why I read.

"3rd Chair Trombone: It's Never Too Soon"

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