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I would pay good money to watch several seasons of each of those. I mean BIG bucks...


The "Brand new" at second 43 was take 22 (childlike wonder).

Other takes included:
NURSE: (sad) Brand new.
NURSE: (questioning) Brand new?
NURSE: (coquettish) Brand new...
NURSE: (surprised) ...Brand new!
NURSE: (sounding it out) Br... braaand... nnneww... Brand new!
NURSE: (as if to a deaf man) BRAND NEW!!
NURSE: (rolling r) Brrrrand new.
NURSE: (eating peanut butter) Brn nw.
NURSE: (gargling) Brgganggd nggeggw.
DIRECTOR: Honey, this isn't going anywhere... Will you just try something for me?
NURSE: (jumping rope) Brand new.
NURSE: (balancing chair on chin) Brand new.
NURSE: (tossing pizza) Brand new.
NURSE: (emerging from behind six foot fern) Brand new.
NURSE: (doing ribbon dance) Brand new.
NURSE: (aiming crossbow) Brand new.
NURSE: (in clown face) Brand new.
NURSE: (in black face) Brand new.
NURSE: (under rain machine) Brand new.
NURSE: (staking vampire) Brand new.
NURSE: (lassoing steer) Brand new.
NURSE: (suction cupped to back wall) Brand new.


"Brand new" needs it's own fan page on FB. Bravo.

"Brand new?"
Tossing pizza.
Emerging from behind six foot fern.

Why didn't I think of this?


YEAH! Brand New!

James Wedmore... Get busy laughing or get busy dying.

In which episode of the Paul Lynde Show does he confess to his wife he likes dudes... in his center square?


Wow...he was 61 already there.

Paul Lynde's character's marriage of convenience's winking attitude toward effeminate husbands and women who love them.

The lotion goes here.

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